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1st Birthday – The Party June 26, 2011

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This is IT! The day of June 11th has come. I never thought that Party Planning nowadays would require this much time, planning, research, effort and cost.


When we woke up, I thanked God for giving us a perfect weather and I claimed it from Him that the weather will remain the same the whole day. I also thanked Him for giving us good health, that our families were able to come from the province despite the bad weather and series of cancelled flights and mostly specially I offered him that day, remembering that above all the festivities, it’s all about celebration and thanksgiving for the gift of life for V and for her wonderful first 12 months.


Then I went over the checklist for all the things that had to be done, prepared and brought to the venue. I reminded everyone what we will follow the Drumbeat (Timeline) that I created for the day. This will help us in making sure that all our actions are coordinated and aligned with the schedule. Also, my husband would normally ask again and again about what to do next and what time. Another reason why I created the Drumbeat, so I can easily direct him on the paper I posted on the wall.


Here’s how it looked like

7am –Β Eat breakfast

8am – Prepare V’s bag

9am – Get our outfits from hubby’s house

10am – Bathe V

11am – Eat Lunch and Bathing time for everyone

112nn – Check the venue and bring things (prizes, checklist for the party manager, etc)

12:30 – Parlor time for Mom

1:30 – Pick up Mom from the Salon and drop the Registration Commitee (our pamangkins) at the venue

– Yaya and HH to prepare everything and V for the party

2pm – All of us should be at the venue πŸ™‚


When we got there, I was so amazed how Imma of Kidstar Kastles decorated the venue. I loved everything – the entrance styro, the swags, the balloons, the table centerpiece. When we checked the venue earlier, I was surprised that Imma was there, I didn’t know that she personally takes care and supervises her team. It was nice to meet her in person. She was very professional and carried herself really well.


All the while, I thought that Alex Lagula would come in at 3pm but to my surprise, he arrived even before Imma left so before 2pm, Alex was already there. I felt so relieved and was very thankful because despite coming in so early, he still started the party at 3:30 pm because some guests haven’t arrived yet. This is another important thing to note, make sure you give allowance for your guests to come. I put 2pm on my invites but there were barely guests at 2pm. Even at 3pm, there were only few kids. Before Alex started, he approached me that he might not be able to get the adults’ attention because of the set up of the tables. But again, he exceeded my expectations because even the grown ups had so much fun watching his tricks.


I was also glad that Erwin of Sophia Photography and Thor of Thor Production Kids were able to personally cover for my daughter’s birthday. Yes, I wanted them to come but I didn’t want to expect because all throughout the preparation stage, I have learned not to expect too much so as not to be disappointed. Yes, it is fair to expect for the right service for the amount that you paid for or the package that you availed of.


Regarding the food cart and the side entertainment, they were able to meet my expectations and to some point even exceeded them. Since I didn’t have a Party Planner, (meaning I did all the research, inquiries, reservations, payment, follow ups and reminder to all of the suppliers) I was really nervous that my suppliers won’t be able to deliver what we have agreed on worse, they won’t show up on my party. But I was wrong and again, another important thing to note is, it is OK so work with the suppliers directly, trusted suppliers. It is time consuming and will demand very careful review of even the nitty gritty but it is all worth it for someone who has the passion for it, a control freak and would like to save as much as possible.


After checking the venue, the suppliers, talking to the party manager and entertaining guests as they arrive, the party finally started at 3:30pm with a power introduction from Alex (he was able to capture the attention of all my guests, make the kids go in front to be his audience), Β some balloon twisting, tricks and games. Then after 30 minutes, Alex paused for about 30 minutes to let the guests eat and for us do some picture taking. After the short break, he went ahead with the program. Even though I tried so hard to watch his magic show, I know I still missed a lot because I also had to talk to our guests. I was so amazed with his magic with the dove and the hanky (with his cute, a guest, little apprentice). After about an hour or so, we had the cake blowing, pinata and the balloon burst, distribution of loot bags and finally photo op with our guests.


After all these, I went to one of the tables so that all the suppliers can approach me and I can pay them my balance. Another important thing is for you to sort in individual envelopes the remaining balance that you have to pay for each supplier. Mine was properly labelled with details like my downpayment amount and the remaining balance. Then I told them to count them first as I may have miscounted the money. Then after giving them the final payment, that’s the time that I gave them the tip. I gave them an amount which I can afford (not much unfortunately) and based on their performance. One more suggestion is to have bills in 100s so it will be easier to give tips to everyone because you will end up giving tip to someone who might not have been in your list.


I can say that everything was a breeze all throughout the party because I basically prepared for everything that I could think of. Even if there were things that I realized I missed after the event, I did’t want to dwell on them too much because those are just minor things. What’s more important for me was I had a big smile after the party because I saw that my little girl and my husband enjoyed. It was a bonus for me that the guests enjoyed as well. At the end of the day, what’s important is your family had fun. Just as how we started our day, we also ended it with a prayer thanking God for making our little girl’s party successful and for his faithfulness in our lives.


Good luck on your little one’s 1st birthday party and God Bless!


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  1. charla dytioco Says:

    very nice blog!such a big help.i am truly inspired!THANK U THANK U SO MUCH!such a big help!God bless your family! πŸ™‚

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