Memoirs of our Precious Gift

Allow us to share with you our journey with our little princess – a testimony that everyday is a blessing.

1st Birthday – The Venue June 1, 2011

The long, tiring but fulfilling search is over. We have finally found the best venue for our little girl’s birthday – Q.C. Sports Club, along E. Rodriguez (Near St. Luke’s)

Here’s why:

  • No Sponsorship Needed
    I know this could be the first thing which you thought of about our venue. Same here. We would always pass by QCSC and every time we do, I always thought of having a party there for Venice. But we thought we need a sponsorship. Until finally, I was able to convince my husband to give it a try. So we braved of doing it. We were so relieved that they didn’t ask for sponsorship. They will be the one to look for a member for us. However, if you will be using any amenities such as pool, there is an added rate for that.
  • Location
    This is just a stone throw away from where we live and knowing my husband, he would go to the venue at least 3x before the event starts. So it will be less hassle for him and for Venice because we don’t have to travel far from our house.
  • Accommodating Admins
    Sally is very nice and super friendly. They are also very flexible with the terms and the food because if you don’t like their set menus, you can choose your own and they will give you a quote.
  • Parking Space
    They have a lot of parking area which is very important for the guests so they won’t go thru the inconvenience of worrying where to park safely.
  • Drop Off
    Since my party is in June, I wanted for my venue to have a safe drop off for the guests, specially the kids so they are protected should it rain.
  • Wonderful Ceiling
    I never asked for a really high ceiling. I just wanted a place where there are chandeliers and I can have some swags and balloon drops/clusters.
  • Spacious
    I think I already mentioned about crowded venue. I can’t stress enough how I want to have enough safe for my Food Cart, Stage Backdrop, Kiddie Salon, Prizes Table, Loot bags Table, Cake Table, etc.
  • No venue fee
    You just have to meet the minimum food consumable charges for 4 hours. Please refer to the details below.

Here are their rates for the halls:

  • Quezon Hall (Capacity 500 pax) Whole
    260,000 (whole day)
    130,000 (4 hours)
    5,000 (after 4 hours)
  • Quezon Hall (Capacity 200 pax) Half
    130,000 (whole day)
    65,000 (4 hours)
    2,500 (after 4 hours)
  • Pugad Lawin Hall (Capacity 180 pax)
    75,000 (whole day)
    50,000 (4 hours)
    1,500 (after 4 hours)
  • Bagumbayan Hall (Capacity 120 pax)
    75,000 (whole day)
    50,000 (4 hours)
    1,000 (after 4 hours)
They also have function rooms for smaller events. You may call them at 7230091 Loc 114, 137, 122 for inquiries.

3 Responses to “1st Birthday – The Venue”

  1. sweettielove Says:

    hi what what is this ? bagumbayan or pugad lawin hall? thanks!

  2. sweettielove Says:

    sorry what I mean, what hall is this? thanks!

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