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Venues for a Kiddie Party March 7, 2011

It all starts with that perfect place for the 1st birthday celebration of our little girl. As early as 4 months before the event, my husband and I started to check out several places. Just like what the fairy tale says, you have to kiss so many toads before you will finally have that best place meant for you. Or maybe not really toads, princes perhaps but not as dashing as the one you really, really like. I would like to share the venues and my feedback:

  • Max’s Scout Tuazon
    The main restaurant was recently renovated so the place looks neat and presentable from the outside. Their staff is also very accommodating specially with the reservation because they allowed us to pencil book the function room for more than 2 weeks. Their packages are also affordable and can offer either set menus or buffet set up. When it comes to the food, we all know how good their food is. However, we wanted the food to be a little different. We were also looking for a ceiling which is a bit higher for the swags and the drops. And finally, I really think they should also renovate the interiors of the function rooms as well as replace their chairs as they look old and some cushions are already torn. I have also received a feedback from one of the Party Stylists, that the ingress is just not enough.
  • Cerchio – Scout Lazcano cor Tomas Morato (near Don Henrico’s)
    Take note, this is pronounced as cherkyo. This is a relatively new place in Morato and a sister company of Romulo’s (where we had our baby shower). We liked the food and the ambiance so much in Romulo’s that we know Cerchio is at par if not better. I liked the place but unfortunately, the resto is not kiddie party friendly. They don’t have a function room for a big party so they offered us the second floor but still, I felt that it wasn’t enough for my guests. Also, we can’t put any designs (backdrops, etc) as it might ruin the interiors of the restaurant which by the way is very fabulous. We also can’t have loud program and games.
  • Thai Pan – Sct Area
    This is another sister company of Romulo’s and Cerchio. Just like Cerchio, the place isn’t big enough for 120 guests. But I also fell in love with the resto. For intimate adult parties and dinners, this would be a perfect place.
  • 55 Events Place – Sct Rallos
    The building also looked new and modern. Very clean looking. However, it was pricey for me. Venue Rental is Php 35,000 for half of the ballroom which can sit 100 pax and Php 55,000 for the whole ballroom with a 250 pax capacity. They have accredited caterers that you can choose from. You can also get a caterer which is not accredited but you will pay 20% of the food cost. Really pricey, eh?
  • Dad’s Events Place – Sct. Tuazon
    The color of the building has a jovial feel and what I also like are the stairs because I wanted to have a grand entrance for our little girl. But again, I don’t think our guests would fit in. Another set back would be the setting, there are some street kids outside the gate waiting for the guests asking if they can have some balloons and food.
  • The Lounge – Tomas Morato on top of Amici
    What an experience! I just read about this place, too, online so I thought of checking it out. It was very small for 120 guests and a kiddie party at that. It would have been OK for adult parties. When we went there, they had an event (high school reunion). I even didn’t bother to get a copy of their rates. I just told the Manager that he can keep it to save trees as I won’t be needing it. Just being blunt and earth friendly, eh? I think it can accommodate up to 50 guests only.
  • Mesa – Tomas Morato
    This is a new place with a lot of parking space. However, they don’t have a function which can sit 120 guests. Their function rooms can only accommodate approximately 25 persons.
  • Little Asia – Tomas Morato
    This is one of our favourite restaurants. I just love the food here. We can occupy the ground floor but still they will accept walk in customers who will be asked to sit on the second floor (loft type). For the party, one important thing for me is privacy.
  • Chili’s – Tomas Morato
    Another restaurant where I love the food. This restaurant has witnessed so many celebrations for my husband’s family and we just love Chili’s, who doesn’t? However, the way they proposed how the venue will be set up just didn’t impress me. I felt that the place has so many things going on.. here and there.. The biggest place they can give us seem too small for my guests specially if you will have a program and some games for the kids.
  • Kimono Ken – Tomas Morato
    We haven’t tried this resto yet but we went ahead and asked. Unfortunately, their function rooms can only accommodate 50 people.
  • Casa Pura
    My husband and I were jogging (or maybe more of walking) one morning and we passed by this hostel. They have a nice function room which can be perfect for parties but I wanted a ceiling which is a bit higher than theirs. They also have affordable rates.
  • Crossroads 77 – Sct Reyes cor Mo Ignacia
    Then, we passed by Crossroad and again we went inside to ask. Their function must have been perfect for us but again, it was a bit pricey for me. I think it was Php 20,000 just for the venue.
  • Rustica – Sct Reyes cor Mo Ignacia
    The place looks cozy and very accessible, too. One can easily find this place which is a major consideration when you are looking for a venue so your guests won’t get lost. If we will have the event here, some of our guests will have to sit on the garden which is not air-conditioned. And my daughter’s birthday is in June so rainy season, hello! But if you have a smaller event probably during the summer, this would be a nice place to consider.
  • Yakimix – Tomas Morato
    When we inquired, they said that they don’t accept reservations bigger than their “small function/private room” which can hold (about 30 pax). What pissed me off was when they told me that there isn’t even an assurance that they will reserve the place for us. Say what?
  • Peta Theater – back of QC Sports Club
    We pass by this theatre whenever my husband and I go outside Morato going south. It’s the famous shortcut from Roces to E. Rodriguez or St. Luke’s. Their function room isn’t a closed area and can’t accommodate 120 pax. Their rates are 1,700 per hour (with aircon) and 3,000/hr including the lobby if you have more guests.
  • Shakey’s Quezon Ave – Q Ave
    This is the new Shakey’s along Quezon Avenue and they say that this is the biggest so far in Metro Manila.  However, they are very strict when it comes to the supplier for party needs like photobooth, food carts, etc. That was a total turn off right then and there for me.
  • Friday’s – Tomas Morato
    Another festive location which could be perfect for any celebration. Plus, they have a bar. One thing that is part of our kiddie celebration, we should have liquor for the adults. If they had a bigger place, I would have opted for this venue maybe on our little girl’s next birthdays.
  • Hard Rock Café Makati
    The best thing about Hard Rock is their Buffet Set up (eat all you can) for a really reasonable price. My husband wanted to celebrate my daughter’s birthday here. But I was not so convinced because it was totally off-theme (Disney fairies). We would need to change the theme to Glam Rock which is not on my top 3.
  • Manila Ocean Park – Manila
    Under the Sea Adventure was the other theme that we (or maybe I) were considering. I haven’t entered the Manila Oceanarium and I heard that their function rooms have views of the Oceanarium. We went there on a Sunday and when we were at the FrontDesk of Hotel H20, they told us that the Events Manager is not on duty so we should come back some other time. I right away said that we came all the way from Timog and we don’t have the time and strength to spare just to come back so it would be nice if we can see the function rooms. I must have raised my voice a bit, I guess.  But they allowed us to see the place and I just love Lo-ok.  It was perfect for my 120 guests and the aquarium was grand. They later on sent us a package for 250 pax because that is the capacity of Lo-ok. But that’s just too much for my target/limit of 120 guests.  Again, it was tough for me to let this go.
  • The White House – Mo Ignacia
    This is another new establishment near Morato. They seem to have a very strategic place. But they can only accommodate a smaller (and older) crowd. I mean maybe not for the kids. When we went there, they have a very stinky smell. They said it was a mosquito repellent pot pourri oil. I’d say more of people repellent oil. 😉
  • C3 Events Place – Missouri St Greenhills
    They have a really nice place and my husband liked the ambiance. They also have their chef and the owner I think is well-known when it comes to good food. That’s what my husband wants – good food. However, I felt it was a bit pricey for me. Per head starts at Php 907 for adults with a minimum of 100 if you will avail of the kiddie meal which starts at Php 616/pax.
  • Shangri-La Finest Chinese Cuisine – Times St
    I think they have been there for as long as I can remember. The function room on the lower ground is not as spacious as the one on the second floor. I like the latter because it has a chandelier, a high ceiling and a waterfall backdrop. It is perfect for Baptismal. Their starting rate is Php 2,070 for a table of 10 pax.
  • Plaza Ibarra – Timog
    This would have been the perfect venue because of my theme (Enchanted World of Fairies) except for the Php 40,000 venue rental. So it was very hard for me to let go of this venue.
  • Bella Ibarra – Q Ave
    This is the second best option because they don’t have a venue fee. Probably because they are relatively new. They have the same package as Plaza Ibarra. They can also lend you some little tikes which bis really cool, eh?

I must have missed the other venues, I will post them next time just in case. I will also post the packages that I was able to get from these venues.


14 Responses to “Venues for a Kiddie Party”

  1. marissa dilig Says:


    do you have an idea what the venue rate in manila ocean park is? thank you so much. 🙂

  2. Venice Says:


    I have uploaded the packages.


  3. very helpful indeed. thanks for this ms. venice! 😉

  4. Toe Manosca Says:

    Very helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. sis, this page is really helpful. Thanks!

  6. mye Says:

    very helpful sis. what venue have u decided?

  7. Chao Says:

    Thanks! Very informative =) Which would you suggest is the best venue for a 1st birthday party estimate of 50-80 guests? Thanks much =)

  8. bernice12 Says:

    hi sis.. this blog is so helpful.. if u dont mind sis, can u send me a private message I would like to know sana if more or less hm did u spent for dis party. I also want my daughter to have this wonderful party . thanks in advance.

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