Memoirs of our Precious Gift

Allow us to share with you our journey with our little princess – a testimony that everyday is a blessing.

1st Birthday – Suppliers’ Feedback June 26, 2011

My little girl’s birthday was a huge success! We had a blast! I would like to thank all my suppliers.  Here are my ratings:


Q.C. Sports Club 10/10

My guests loved the food and the waiters were so courteous. Ate Zeny and Ate Sally were so hands on and very accommodating. We had an overflow of guests but everyone was still able to eat. Before the event, I received a feedback that they have small servings. Ate Zeny told me that it is important for the guests to have several choices on the buffet table to they won’t ask for extra serving because they will try the other food.


Kidstar Kastles 10/10

Imma’s team really impressed me. They over-delivered, no doubt! Everybody’s complimenting the venue dress up. I think I have already mentioned that she is very professional to deal with. She was able to make my venue so lively and magical.


Les Sucreries  10/10

Veronica’s cake was really nice. Natulala si Yaya ko in front of the cake when we went to check the venue couple of hours before the start of the party. I also love the taste of her cake. Everyone was wowed with how beautiful and detailed the cake was.


Alex Lagula  10/10

I thought he was coming by3pm. But he was there so early! He amazed the crowd, young and old alike. And i was so impressed.


Thor Production  10/10

Thor was there! He was such a nice guy with a very good skill. I was not expecting him to come because he has another event, but he did! And I am very thankful for that. I can’t wait to see the results. I will give more feedback as soon as I have the final video.


Sophia Photography 8/10

He is really very good with kids! And same with Thor, despite having another event, Erwin also came. I just noticed though that one of the pages on V’s guestbook says myname@1  It wasn’t my birthday. There were also some details which I wanted to see that he was not able to capture. For example:

  • Picture of the Side Entertainment Booths
    – I don’t have a good picture of the Kiddie Salon and no picture of the Photobooth
  • Picture of the Cart
    – I also don’t have a good picture of Zagu’s Food Cart
  • Picture of the Prizes
    – I regret that I didn’t take pictures of my prizes before I brought them to the venue. I am not sure why they don’t have a picture of these items. Maybe because the Party Manager didn’t display the prizes in front but still, they could have asked for those items.
  •  Picture of the Buffet Table (food)
    – I don’t have a picture of all the food that was served. I wanted to also see the California Maki, Brazo De Mercedes and the Rice 🙂
  • Picture of the 3D Table Centerpc with the floating balloons

    With my experience, I think it will be better if you will run a checklist of shots that you would like to be taken during the party. I didn’t do that. I trusted Erwin with everything. Probably my fault, too.


Food Cart/Dessert

My Chocolate Heaven 9/10

Zagu  10/10

Yohgurt Froz 10/10

I booked directly to the suppliers and even if there were a lot of unexpected  guests  who (those who didn’t give RSVPs  ) came, they never ran out of supply. That was my biggest worry. I think about 150-170 guests came but only 130 RSVPd. I gave 9/10 to MCH because I thought I will have the one they have on their site with the package that I availed. 😦


Kiddie Salon by Creative Party  10/10

I love their set up and I love their work! The kids looked all glammed up. It’s just that, they were located at the corner so guests  could hardly notice their set up. Another important thing to note is to put side entertainments where guests can easily see them.


Personalized Picks  10/10

What I appreciate is her after sales service, because due to the bad weather, there were some delays on the delivery of her shipment. She follow thru until I received my orders.


iPrint  10/10

The quality of their print out was just perfect. Everything on V’s birthday was personalized, even the name tags.


Smile Factory (Photobooth)  10/10

Francis and Jannice were really nice to work with. Despite the last minute booking, they were able to accommodate my requests and wish list for V’s birthday.


Eric Mendez’ Creations and Cuddly Babies (headdress)10/10

For me and my little girl’s matching tutu outfit.  He also did my wedding gown. My guests loved our outfits and headdress.


Bro Rudy of Edward Doblado Salon 11/10

They liked my make up and I loved it, too. LOL.  He also did my make up when we had our pre-nup shoot.


Picture Company 10/10

This is for baby’s preshoot. They were able to bring out her best smile.


Cuadro ni Lolo 9/10

We had the photos framed to be displayed on the venue. We had a problem because we were told that they couldn’t finish the frames by Friday so my husband and I got really disappointed. What’s worse, Baby also got mad and we had a heated conversation. Her voice was louder than mine when we were talking. I gave a 9 based on how they treat their customers’ complaints. . Fortunately, they were still able to finish the frames on the same day.


I can’t thank these suppliers enough for making my dream birthday party for our little girl a reality!  And V also had a great time. She didn’t sleep, no tantrums, good mood all throughout. My little girl’s party is not perfect but it was successful IMHO 🙂 and I am very grateful to all those who came and celebrated with us.


1st Birthday – Look And Feel – The Littlest Details

Aside from the major things that you have to prepare for a Kiddie Party, you might be surprised that it’s the littlest thing that will be noticed so here are some of the things that you might want to think about:

(1) Registration Table Details, Giveways and Name Tags  (I created these and have them printed out by iPrint)

(2) Giveaway Tags (I created these and have them printed out by iPrint)

(3) Guestbook by Sophia Photography

(4) Coloring Papers and Crayons. I just downloaded and printed these because it will cost more if I will buy Coloring Books/Pads.

(5) Picture Gallery by Picture Co and Cuadro ni Lolo

(6) 3D Table Centerpiece Base by Kidstar Kastles



1st Birthday – Look And Feel – The Food

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Q.C. Sports Club has an in-house caterer.

Here are our menus:

Adults’ Buffet

Lechon (from Elar’s)

California Maki

Buttered Mixed Vegetable

Stuffed Porkloin with Apple Raisin

Fish Fillet Florentine

Beef Kaldereta Roast

Chicken Ala Orange

Steamed Rice

Brazo De Mercedez

Iced Tea


Kids’ Buffet

Spaghetti with Meatsauce

Tea Sized Sandwich

Skewered Hotdog

Choco Eclair

Tetra Juice

Here are some of the pictures:


1st Birthday – Look And Feel – Our Outfits

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I love our outfits! I highly recommend Eric Mendez’s Creations. Our headdress is from Cuddly Babies.


1st Birthday – Look And Feel – Prizes And Giveaways

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of all the prizes that we prepared for our little girls party. 😦  Here are some of the pictures that I was able to get hold of.

(1) Lootbags

(2-5) Prizes (Personalized Picks)

(6) Background (Major Prize)


1st Birthday – Look And Feel – Carts and Side Entertainment

We had Yohgurt Froz, Zagu, Creative Party Kiddie Salon, Smile Factory Photobooth and My Chocolate Heaven Chocolate Fountain.


1st Birthday – Look And Feel – Hosting and Magic Show

Alex Lagula is, no doubt, the ultimate party host/magician. How I wish I could post all the smiling faces captured on cam. He was so funny!